“The true cuisine will always be that of the terroir.In France butter, cream and wine will always be the bases”. Paul Bocuse

I have always enjoyed eating good food, and cooking the quality products that I buy. After I settled in Gordes four years ago, I started meeting winemakers, farmers and other enthusiasts who love their jobs, well-done work and good products, in order to offer you, at my table d’hôte, local products and wines that I like.

The aim of this new page is to share my best addresses with you; I imagine that it might be a way for you to discover Luberon, Ventoux and Provence. It would also be an opportunity to wander from one village to another and discover museums and other places of interest.

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Fruit and vegetables

10 minutes from the house … Sunday morning … at the farmers’ market of Coustellet, boasted by Peter Mayle in his novel “A year in Provence”, producers, market gardeners, farmers and winemakers offer fruit and vegetables, honey, wine, cheeses, fish and meat and seasonal products exclusively originating from their farm. Classified as an exceptional market by the National Council of Culinary Arts, I shop here, as well as at its every-day extension the “Naturellement paysan” shop.

Olive oil

In the Alpilles, in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, the Moulin de Calanquet has an olive grove made up of the traditional regional varieties: aglandau, salonenque, grossane, verdale and picholine. Its specificity is to produce, in addition to blended oil, remarkable monovarietal oils which enable you discover the multiple flavors and perfumes of each variety.


Maybe … surely my favorite fruit … between Mont Ventoux and the plateaux of Vaucluse, the cherry of the Monts of Venasque is a reference in terms of visual quality and taste. Burlat, Summit, Belgian, among others, follow each other from May to July … so jam, clafoutis, pie appear on my table.


Red gold. Considered the most expensive spice in the world, saffron is the only spice extracted from a flower. It sublimates the flavors of ingredients while releasing its delicious fragrance. In the kitchen: the secret is the infusion. I use it for both savory and sweet dishes.

Eggs and poultry

Located at the foot of the Monts de Vaucluse, organic certified Poules & Co is a farm in Cabrières d’Avignon, located on a land of green oaks, where laying hens and chickens are raised outdoors.


Nougat is a confectionery typical of the Mediterranean countries based on honey and almonds. In Saint-Didier, the Silvain family produces nougats and other confectionery products from its beehives, and almonds and fruit from its orchards. Nougat farmers, their products meet a set of commitments related to production and manufacturing. Of course, I use their nougat for some of my desserts.

The Banon

Presented and refined in a box of chestnut leaves, the Banon, the only cheese of Provence recognized by an AOC to date, is a raw and whole of goat milk cheese, produced in Haute-Provence. Its name comes from a village between the Lure mountain and Mont-Ventoux. I provide myself at the Domaine de la Haute-Lèbre, wich is a Work Help Center for the handicapped.

Candied fruit

Apt, a city of agricultural tradition in a country of orchards, has become to the candied fruit what Grasse is to perfume: a capital. Preservation by confectionary appeared in the early Middle Ages, the fruit being then preserved in honey… For the Epiphany, the Provençaux eat Twelfth Night Cake by sharing a brioche decorated with candied fruit … candied fruit Denis Ceccon of the Le Coulon confectionery that I use especially for my amarena cherry sorbet.


If the incomparable flavor of a creamy honey sandwich is no longer a secret, honey can be used in a thousand other succulent ways in the kitchen … Lavender, chestnut, or acacia, it appears in good place in my cupboards, and especially the honey of the Demoiselles in Gordes.


The Ferme aux Basilics in Roussillon, a unique place for epicureans … Catherine Pisani’s little corner of paradise, is entirely dedicated to this magical plant that delights our taste buds at the beginning of summer. She flavours my cooking and yogurts served for breakfast.


Growing cereals started in the Mediterranean basin more than 9000 years ago. Their grains contain the reserves of starch, a source of sugar essential for fermentation. Thus, where cereals grow, there are fermented beverages, including beer. And it is with pleasure that I discovered the Traditionnal Brewery in Pertuis, and especially its IPA …


In my opinion, the most powerful ingredient in pastis is neither anise nor alcohol: it’s the atmosphere! However, do not hesitate to taste the remarkable pastis made by Henri Bardouin at La Distillerie de Haute Provence in Forcalquier. Composed of a subtle blend of more than 65 plants and spices from around the world, it differs from other pastis by the richness of its aromas.

The Muscat of Beaumes de Venise

Going to Beaumes-de-Venise is the assurance of meeting a man who is passionate and willing to share his passion … Alain Ignace works his vineyard in organic farming, which guarantees a living soil for his vines. And you will leave conquered by its white muscat, of a very fine finesse and its red muscatel, true gourmandise, which is tasted with chocolate or red fruits.

Domaine de Tix

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Domaine de la Ferme Saint-Pierre - AOC Ventoux

In Flassan, at the foot of Mont Ventoux, Paul Vendran works his vineyard in a reasoned fight, with respect for his environment. In the Ventoux appellation, the “Roi Fainéant” is its top-of-the-range cuvée, a blend of the emblematic grape varieties of the southern Rhône Valley: Syrah, Grenache and Carignan.

Ad Fines

Located in Ménerbes and created by Michel Rocher, this is surely the most confidential domain, but for lovers of Syrah, the Domitilla cuvée is simply exceptional. Resulting from very low yield, this wine offers a nice concentration of black fruit and smoky notes. where the mouth presents a superb volume with tannins of a great sweetness. The finish is persistent on spices.

Château La Verrerie - AOC Luberon

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Domaine de la Citadelle - AOC Luberon

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Domaine Les Davids

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Domaine de la Verriere - AOC Ventoux

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Bastide du Claux - AOC Luberon

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Château Turcan - AOC Luberon

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Domaine Fondreche - AOC VENTOUX

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The Farigoule

Perfumed digestive liqueur from Haute-Provence, the Farigoule (which means thyme in Provence), is the very spirit of the scents of Provence. The digestive virtues of thyme make it possible to finish the meal on a light, fragrant and sweet note.

The pear Manguin

For more than 50 years, the Manguin house has been located on the island of Barthelasse in Avignon, with its own orchard on a terroir of sand and silt, swept by the mistral, ideal to the cultivation of a Williams pear , ripe with the sun of Provence. The exceptional Williams Pear brandy is ont the wine list of Les Balcons.

The corkscrew museum

Private collections of more than one thousand two hundred pieces collected from around the world, dating back to the invention of corkscrews in the 17th century till today.

The conservatory garden of dye plants

This garden, the only one of its kind in Europe, allows to discover 250 species of dye plants, from various geographical areas of the world, from which dyes are extracted for dyeing, food, cosmetics and art …

The kitchen garden of a curious

For 30 years, Jean-Luc Danneyrolles has been cultivating a kitchen garden dedicated to curiosity and biodiversity. It collects rare and forgotten varieties of plants and vegetables … You will also have the opportunity to buy seeds on the spot seeds.

lavender museum

In the heart of the Luberon, the museum offers an immersion in the world of fine lavender, from the harvest, to the distillation and its use in pharmacy and perfumery. Lavender that I use in cooking and that perfumes the yogurts that I serve at breakfast.

The botanical garden of the Citadelle

On the heights of the Citadelle estate, in Ménerbes, the garden, built on 6 terraces, is home to truffle, medicinal, aromatic, wild, edible and magical plants. The view on the Luberon and the vineyard is superb.

Museum of Wine Arts and Crafts

At the museum located within the estate of Château Turcan, you will be immersed in the world of wine, from its elaboration to its consumption. It presents more than 3,000 objects representative of the profession of the professions of winemakers, vine growers, coopers, oenologists…

Museum of Moulin des Bouillons

Provence … olive tree … olive oil … located on a Gallo Roman site inhabited for 2,000 years, the Moulin des Bouillons is an oil mill called a blood mill, using human or animal force, classified as a Historic Monument, the oldest preserved with all its working elements.


Bakery Museum

The Bakery Museum is located around an old bread oven. It perpetuates the memory of an intercultural history, more than 8,000 years old: that of the bread. An invitation to discover the world of the “bakery”, from the wheat field to the sandwich!


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