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L’Abbaye Notre-Dame de Senanque

Situated in a deep vale, the Notre-Dame de Sénanque Abbey stands as a pure example of primitive Cistercian architecture.

Musée du Tire-Bouchon ( Corkscrew Museum)

Private collections of more than one thousand two hundred pieces collected from around the world, dating back to the invention of corkscrews in the 17th century till today.

Le Village des Bories

Located on the the steep slopes of Vaucluse mountains, near Gordes, Bories village, listed historical monument, shows a very interesting testimony to the way of life in Provence, from remote times till today.

Conservatory of ocher and color

The former Mathieu ocher factory has been converted into a cultural cooperative on color. This conservatory offers guided tours on the manufacture of ocher, geology and all assets ocher and courses and workshops courses on the use of coated and whitewash.

Cliff of Madeleine

Visible from the garden of the Balcons du Luberon, it draws the eye and holds it. Simply impressive when one is at his feet in the small village of Lioux, it offers great opportunities for hiking. And it is also in Lioux, that I provided the lamb for dinner at Emilien and Emilie Bonnet, sheep farmers.

Moulin de Calanquet

In Saint-Remy de Provence, The Moulin de Calanquet has an olive grove consists of traditional regional varieties: Aglandau, Salonenque, Grossane, Verdale and Picholine. Their specificity is to produce monovarietal olive oils, to discover the many flavors of each variety by combining them with different dishes. These oils are the ones I use at my table.

The farmers market in Coustellet

10min home on Sunday morning, the producers of the region offer you the best products from Provence: fruits, vegetables, lamb, cheese, honey, flowers natural market extension, you can also visit every day of the week the store “Naturellement paysan” in Coustellet. At one as the other, I do my shopping for the meals I serve to my guest table.


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Les Balcons du Luberon vus du ciel
Avant d’avoir prochainement le plaisir de vous accueillir, nous vous invitons à découvrir notre maison d’hôtes…
Les Balcons du Luberon seen by the sky
Before soon having the pleasure to welcome you, we invite you to discover our guest house...
L'eau des Balcons du Luberon en bouteille !
Une eau au goût parfaitement neutre, plate ou pétillante, fabriquée sur place, qui valorise les mets et les vins est offerte gratuitement à ma table d’hôtes et tout au long de votre séjour…
A homemade water is served at the Balcons du Luberon !
A water completely neutral taste, fresh or tempered, still or sparkling, homemade, which promotes the food and wine served is free to my table and throughout your stay ….
Fermeture annuelle
La saison 2016 est terminée et nous préparons dès à présent à vous accueillir pour le printemps 2017.